Our Mission

"If not me, then who..."

– 1stLt Travis Manion, USMC

G.I. Johns is committed to Veterans in their employment and their pursuit of post-service ambitions as productive members of our society. We know the power of the harnessed purpose, initiative, tenacity and problem solving that they are capable of. We also know what happens in the absence of the next challenge, task or obstacle; they sit around throwing rocks at stuff (ask any Veteran), or worse, they turn to nefarious outlets or succumb to hopelessness. We want to help, whether it is impacting 1 life, or 100. We will build a community within our community.

We will seek out networks of “EAS’ing” (end of active service) Veterans and work to engage them directly or indirectly. To us, that means in direct hiring, long-term franchising opportunities or in simply doing marked business with other Veteran owned businesses.

In addition, G.I. Johns is commited to financially supporting The Travis Manion Foundation (TMF). TMF is a Veteran Services Organization focused on empowering Veterans and families of the fallen to actively engage with and strengthen communities by imparting values and living as role-models to the next generation and their communities at large.

It is a sense of purpose and duty that many Veterans have galvanized over years of service and that often goes missing in post-duty life. That vacancy of purpose is a risk to the mental health of our Veteran community and a loss of a valuable resource to the people and societies we belong to. TMF looks to counteract both with their Veteran led outreach initiatives. G.I. Johns is devoted to supporting that sense of purpose and in the ongoing sharing of the best of our Veteran counterparts for the betterment of community as a whole and we are proud to support such a character development focused organization.

Our values are based on the best of our shared Veteran experience; accountability, service above self, humility, hard-work, passion, ingenuity and taking the job seriously while having a contagious sense of humor about everything we do.