Our Story

The founders of G.I. Johns are linked through that smallest of worlds, the United States Marine Corps, as well as an unexplainable desire to re-establish the benchmark for the lowly portable toilet.

Northeast branch

Founder Mark Christo heads up the Northeast Branch with his partner and longtime friend Mike Convertito. The Christo Family and Mike Convertito have a history of turning “doing something better” into scaled enterprises as lifelong, self-made entrepreneurs. Both have successfully started, grown and perpetuated service-driven organizations by putting people first. Mark is also the proud father of a United States Marine, affording him equity into the world from which our other founders came, and the world we credit with ultimately bringing all paths together.

Mid-Atlantic Branch

Founders Patrick Ford and Will McLoughlin head up the Mid-Atlantic Branch. Patrick and Will served simultaneously as USMC infantry officers and became fast friends through shared experience. Both had stints in finance/technology related careers prior to serving in the military and their bond was cemented during the best “management” training in the world. Austere environments provided ample opportunity to recognize the vastly under-appreciated value of portable sanitation.

All of our founders independently decided that portable restrooms needed their vision and ingenuity, but it was yet another Marine mutual acquaintance that introduced Mark to Patrick and Will because, “that’s funny, I know some other guys who want to get into the bathroom business”.

The rest is history in the making.